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Publication date: December 4, 2021
176 pages / Price: $20
ISBN: 9781736525814 /  ebook ISBN 9781736525821



When poet Ruth Thompson decided to learn to channel in 2018, she wanted to deepen the intuitive connections with nature that inspired her poetry. The skeptical product of a scientific family, she did not expect to encounter such a multitude of voices, from trees and animals to faeries, dragons, and a host of other nonphysical beings. QUICKWATER ORACLES is Thompson’s delightful record of their channeled conversations – expansive, uninhibited, sometimes hilarious.

Although Thompson was in despair at the state of the world, these messages were filled with exuberant celebration. “Change your spectacles to joy,” they told her. “To joy!” Readers who loved Ross Gay’s “The Book of Delights,” Aimee  Nezhukumatathil’s “World of Wonders,” and Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris’s “Lost Spells” will treasure Ruth Thompson’s gift of “joy-making and singing.”

RUTH THOMPSON is an award-winning poet and channel. Her first collection of channels is QUICKWATER ORACLES. Ruth has published four books of poetry: Whale Fall & Black Sage, Crazing, Woman With Crows, and Here Along Cazenovia Creek. Her “fierce, gorgeous, sensual poems of earth-as-body and body-as-earth” have won many national awards, and have been nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize. Ruth has a BA from Stanford University and a doctorate in English from Indiana University. Her work has been choreographed by Shizuno Nasu of Japan. Ruth talks about her work here. Poems, videos, press kit, and more here.


This slow build toward jubilance [makes] the collection crackle with energy…. The book’s more imagery-centered poems, with their visual descriptions, are spectacular…. [A]n inspiring, thought-provoking collection of spiritual poetry that will carry the heart, mind, and soul toward broader, more open horizons. Foreword Reviews August 2021

[A] philosophical, nature-minded collection of free verse… idiosyncratic, unconventional poems and [a] mind-bending exploration of what the world could look like with some creative reorienting. Takeaway: This joyful collection of free verse poses challenging alternative views of nature and humanity in a compact, unique style. 4 stars. Publishers Weekly (Booklife 11/08/2021)

[S]hould be considered for any literary collection, [and] a recommended pick for philosophy, self-help, and creative writers and readers. The fervor of its voice, the unconventional pieces that eschew propriety for passion, and the many insights into personal power and integrity that wind through these reflections are poignant, revealing, and powerful. – Midwest Book Review, Donovan’s Bookshelf, October 2021

Each piece reinforces that everything is connected, that living in the moment is enough, that love for oneself and all things will bring joy, which is the natural state of the Universe. – BlueInkReview, August 2021

[F]eels like reading Rumi or Lakshminkara or Julian of Norwich….whenever I return to Quickwater I find myself happy in ways I can’t explain. ” – Mary Johnson, author of An Unquenchable Thirst

An accomplished, late-in-life author from a scientific and skeptical family discovers the delightful surprise of relinquishing the ego’s strivings … like the pine trees who whisper, ‘All is for no reason. It is for pleasure. It is for itself knowing itself.'” – Jendi Reiter, author of author of Bullies in Love and Made Man

[R]eads like a conversation with your wise elder …. [I]nspiration for daily life and beyond. – Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, author of The Science of Channeling and Director of Research, IONS

This is very different than anything I’ve ever read before, and I adore it. It made me feel the way I did when I was a child exploring the woods behind my great-grandparents’ home, searching for something magical. Haley Jade Hanson, on Goodreads

She has allowed herself to embrace a world she doesn’t know, the world of channeling, of deep spirits, of all that earth is, ancient and true. – Esther Cohen, author of Overheard

“What a book! What a way to use the presence of one’s life! Thank you, Ruth.”– Ailia Mira, artist and conscious channel, AiliaMira.com