Discover Tarot Journaling & Create Your Own Cards

From the tarot curious to the tarot savvy, Heart’s Compass Tarot provides a guide to using the tarot as a compass to navigate life, focus creativity, inspire writing, and forge a deeper connection to the self. Heart-centered, joy-based journaling questions (How do I love? How does my life force fill me? How do I communicate? How do I enjoy my body?) connect the tarot to the student’s past, present and future. Tarot journaling, a tarot timeline, and discovering living expressions of the tarot in the present world work together to reveal personal symbols for use in meditation, dreamwork, and creation of the student’s own unique cards. Cards created by other students, heart-based interpretations of traditional and original layouts, and a selection of tarot-inspired poems and essays open the riches of the tarot to deepen self-exploration and inspire creative work. Learn to create beginning layouts, team up with a tarot companion, dialogue with your own unconscious, or even write a tarot haiku. Heart’s Compass offers an innovative template for a lifetime of tarot improvisation, deepening intuition and awakening the student to joy, wise dreams, and inner gifts waiting to be shared.

ISBN: 978-1732952164                                                                               $34.00 Paperback


“This workbook will help readers to discover their inner voice, the oracle within, and how the archetypes, symbols and personalities found in the Tarot are guideposts for our life’s journey. Bring your open heart and allow this workbook to show you how to uncover, befriend, and transform the stories we tell ourselvesThe Heart’s Compass Tarot Workbook will help you fall in love with yourself again and again.” Jamie Della, author of The Book of Spells

“Heart’s Compass is a generous and joyful offering for anyone interested in, curious about, or immersed in the secrets, mystery and magic of the Tarot. ‘You are the oracle, ‘ Tania writes and then, throughout this beautiful workbook, shares with us creative and imaginative paths into working with the Tarot and creating our own Tarot decks.” Judy Reeves, Author of A Writer’s Book of Days

“Beautifully illustrated and brilliantly organized, Heart’s Compass presents innovative, contemporary and visionary techniques and strategies to both enlarge a user’s understanding of Tarot cards and to apply Tarot knowledge to a wide range of pursuits… including art, poetry and improvisation.Of particular value is …the creation of personal cards that can embody deeply meaningful discoveries and reflections.” William Haigwood, Author and Creator of The Counterculture Tarot

“I love the workbook format, the deep and stimulating questions for journaling, the art activities, the examples of the art work, poems, journal entries of former students and the author. I found it refreshing that the author did not dictate which deck should be used, or that one must stick to the descriptions of what the cards supposedly mean in the interpretation books that come with the cards. Readers can feel free to experience the cards in their own unique ways and are encouraged to create their own decks and instructions for interpretation.” Mickey Eliason, Author of Reflecting on the Teaching of Angeles Arrien: From A to Z

About the Author

Tania Pryputniewicz is the author of the poetry collection, November Butterfly, published by Saddle Road Press in 2014. Her workshop, Writing through Fear: Free your Butterfly is based on November Butterfly and accompanying prompts, Thirteen Writing Prompts Based on the Power and Creativity of Iconic Women Designed to Help You Write New Work From Multiple Points of View.
Tania’s collaborative micro movies feature poetry paired with the photography of Robyn Beattie and the music of Stephen Pryputniewicz; She Dressed in a Hurry (for Lady Diana), Amelia, and Nefertiti Among Us were awarded Juror’s Best of Show at the 2012 2D/3D visual poetry show held at the LH Horton Jr Gallery at San Joaquin Delta College.
In 2011, Tania began to attend A Room of Her Own Foundation retreats where she presented, consulted and taught; most recently in 2015, she attended as a recipient of the Marg Chandler Memorial Fellowship. She was formerly the poetry editor for the Fertile Source and a co-founding blogger for Mother Writer Mentor, sites that supported mothers on their path to realizing their potential as writers.
Recent poems from Tania’s second in-progress poetry collection based on an Illinois commune she lived on as a child, The Fool in the Corn: Leaving Stelle’s Dreamfield, appeared in Chiron Review, Nimrod International, Prime Number Magazine, Silver Birch Press, Journal of Applied Poetics, and Whale Road Review.
A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Tania teaches poetry at San Diego Writers, Ink as well as online writing classes. This spring (2020) she joined the adjunct faculty at Antioch University as an online instructor in the Inspiration to Publication program to teach tarot writing webinars and classes. She and writer Mary Allen co-blog at Tarot for Two.
Tania lives in Coronado, California with her husband, three children, blue-eyed Siberian Husky and one formerly feral housecat named Luna.